Life in Ghana - Kelly Lemon Photography - Part 2


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A couple of weeks ago it was Ghana’s Independence Day.  I was curious to see how they celebrate…will everyone be showing their Ghana flag? Wearing the flag’s colors? Getting ready for the city parade?  In the United States we like to do things BIG! From our food, to our stores, to our celebrations. Hey – I […]

blue spandex + rollerblades + brilliant yellow capes



I had the privilege of meeting Divine and his family and I have been so blessed by this new friendship.  Divine is a man who passionately loves his family. He and his wife, Augustina, have beautiful twin girls, Mary & Messy, who are under the age of two and are probably the cutest things you’ll ever see. Really. […]

Fighting Malaria : one piece of art at a time…



I have the privilege to do this series Meet the Faces.  The main purpose is to tell stories that I believe need to be told…and also to challenge myself to be intentional with the relationships I am building here in Ghana.  Whether it be a friend from church or someone I randomly meet in the market.  […]

meet the faces : his name is divine



As you may know, I am starting a series on my blog called “Meet the Faces.”  This series will entail a different “face” every week; a glimpse into the stories that I’ve been blessed to hear.   I’ve met some amazing people…and simply put, I want to share their stories. Sometimes, especially here in Africa, […]

meet the faces :: Divine {preview}



Starting this post has been quite hard, because I have no idea where to begin. So much has been happening over the past 7 months! But I guess to catch people up – what started this grand adventure was Agustin got offered a job to work for an international tuna shipping company.  They told him […]