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Fall Engagement Session


couple dancing in road

Keeping it in the Family

Jason + Kelly are one of the most sincere, friendly, and goofy couples and I’m so excited that the time has finally come to capture their love story! This was one of my favorite fall engagement sessions to date! Kelly is the 3rd Knez sister to be a KLP Bride and Kelly + Jason are the 5th wedding that came from a direct referral from Adam + Katie’s 2015 wedding! 

I distinctly remember seeing Jason + Kelly dance together all night  at her sister Megan + Joe’s wedding and I thought, “Kelly has found her person! She just lights up around him!” When they reached out they said

“I have gotten to know you and your incredible talent over the course of my sisters’ weddings, and now it’s time for me to plan my own! Jason and I recently got engaged, and you were the only one on our list to contact for potentially being our wedding photographer.”

Cue the tears!  I feel so honored when I get to be a part of many weddings in a family or friend circle because with each wedding and time together our friendship grows deeper and they welcome me and treat me like one of the gang! Plus it’s so fun to see my past couples and celebrate with them! 

Fall Engagement Session: Colorado Aspens

When Kelly + Jason and I planned their fall engagement session, it worked out perfectly because I had recently moved back to Colorado and they knew they wanted to do their session in the mountains, hopefully with Fall colors! I got to show them around Vail Village, take them to lunch, and talk about the wedding before we headed out on an adventure! And man – be sure to scroll ’til the end because we saw the golden Aspen groves – known in Colorado in all of its glory!!  I’m so excited to celebrate with Jason and Kelly next year! Check out my favorites from their Fall Engagement Session!

couple laughing in road with yellow trees in background

When did you meet?

A: Kel and I met at Regis University. She was a Freshman, and I was a Junior, and we were both work studies in University Ministry. I was a Peer Minister in one of the student dorms.

Couple kissing in road with fall aspen tree forest in background

How did you meet?

A: I do not remember exactly, but I am sure that it was in the University Ministry office. I am sure it was embarrassing and awkward.

man jumping in air with woman standing next to him laughing
couple throwing leaves in the air and then kissing under them fall yellow colors

What do you both do for a living?

A: I am a high school English teacher, and Kelly is a nurse.

couple walking on road holding hands
couple holding hands and walking into fall grassy field
couple walking away toward mountains and aspen trees
couple kissing and hugging in yellow grassy field

What was your first impression of your fiancé?

A: I was blown away by her beauty! I remember thinking about how cool she is and how she got along with everyone. I wanted to be her friend, but I was too scared to make a move.

couple standing and touching foreheads in grassy field with fall colors in background
man holding woman close yellow trees in background
man picking up woman in landscape photo with fall aspen forest in the background yellow colors
landscape photo with couple hugging and aspen forest and town in the background

When did you know that she was the “one”?

A: I had known Kel for a year at this point. I was in my apartment at Regis washing dishes when I looked up and saw Kelly carrying in groceries. I dropped the dishes and told my best friend, “That woman is going to be my wife,” and I walked out the door and helped her carry in her groceries. A few months after we were dating.

couple laughing in yellow aspen forest woman wearing cream sweater and jeans

What is your favorite memory when you first started dating?

A: Seeing Pope Francis for “The Festival of Families” was my favorite memory. We were both on the trip, and we spent a lot of time together. But at the end of the trip, I knew that I liked her and I wanted to make a move. So, I started to ask the other people on the trip sitting next to Kel and asking if I could trade places with them. I had asked our friend Pam, and she agreed to switch. So, I sat next to Kel on the flight home. But I had a plan. I planned to hold to her hand. I knew that it would end in one of three ways:

1) she would pull her hand away quickly, and we both would be awkward the whole flight back

2) She would be polite and let me know that she was not interested. Hopefully we would laugh about it?

3) she would hold my hand back. Welp, she held my hand the whole flight back to Denver

couple laughing and hugging in aspen forest fall colors
couple kissing in casual outfit in yellow fall aspen tree forest
engagement portrait of couple in fall aspen forest
couple kissing in yellow aspen tree forest
couple walking into yellow aspen forest in a navy blue dress and grey  suit

How did he/she propose? What was his/her reaction?

A: Kel and I had been dating for almost 5 years before we got engaged. I had the ring for 3 years, hiding in my lockbox. I was convinced from the beginning that she was going to be my life partner. Kel needed more convincing. Time was on my side. We talked more seriously about engagement, and I had always wanted to take her to this particular sunflower field in East Denver for years. But we kept missing the peak bloom. I saw a friend of mine take photos of her son there for back to school pictures, so I asked her where it was.

The following weekend, I had to take her. I invited her over dinner, and it is not out of the ordinary for Kel and me to surprise each other with planned dates. So, we got in the car and started heading East. She was guessing where we were going the whole way; first, she thought we were going to TopGolf, then the airport, but she had no idea. So, to ensure she had no idea where we were going, I had put the directions on my phone and connected my Airpods, so I could get step by step directions to where we were going. We pull up the intersection in the middle of nowhere, and it tells me we have arrived. I am looking around, and I can’t find it. So, I continued to drive up the hill, and at the top, it was acres upon acres of sunflowers.

The Final Moment

We pulled over and hopped out of the car, but Kel then realizes that she left her phone at my place. The sun was setting, and the flowers were beautiful. We walked over the fence and into the field. We watched the sunset, but as we walked around, I took photos of Kel; she told me, “Hey! I want to take pictures of you; go kneel next to that small sunflower.” I could not believe that she was making this so easy for me. I knelt and pulled out the ring. I said, “There are two things that remind me of you, sunflowers and sunsets…” (there was more that I had said, but I blacked out, and I don’t remember). She proceeded to say, “No, stop it. No, you’re lying.” But she couldn’t believe what had happened. But she quickly changed her answer to ‘YES’!

couple dancing in yellow aspen forest. blue dress flying in air
couple touching noses in yellow fall aspen forest
couple kissing in yellow aspen forest

Tell me three things about your fiancé

A: Kelly is the most selfless person I know. She believes in people. She will always take the opportunity to make a joke; often, it is about me.

couple walking through aspen forest with blue dress
couple with yellow aspen forest in the background
couple laughing in forest black and white photo
man kissing woman on cheek with yellow aspen trees in the background
couple standing in brown grass with mountains in the back

Tell me 5 places you have been together

A: Endless hikes in the Rocky Mountains, Union Lodge No. 1 is where we had our first-anniversary drink. Saint Ellies Speakeasy was one of our favorite nights. Philadelphia is where our relationship started. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was our first Spring Break together without our friends.

couple hugging with yellow fall trees and mountains in background
couple laughing with fall background

When you can do anything you want to do, like a typical Friday night, what would you do?

A: I would grab tacos and margaritas at Mas Kaos, then set up my hammock outside and read.

couple hugging in brown grassy field yellow trees in the background
couple dancing in grassy field fall colors and trees
man in gray suit and woman in blue dress fall background
couple touching foreheads fall colors background blue dress gray suit
couple kissing fall yellow background
couple hugging fall colors in background
black and white photo of couple walking in grassy field with pine trees in background
couple kissing in the grass blue dress fall colors
shoes in grass

What do you think is unique about you as a couple?

A: Kel and I have a passion for helping other people. We both find joy in our jobs and joy in each other’s company. Kel is my best friend; she knows everything about me. Even though I am a planner and she is a procrastinator, we somehow get it done.

fall engagement shoot blue dress couple looking out at town

I hope you enjoyed this lovely fall engagement session! If you are interested in connecting, please send me an email at

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