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Lake Crescent Winter Elopement


There is something so unique and special about clients that become friends. Not only did I get to capture Joanna and Haylie’s Olympic National Park elopement at Lake Crescent, I got to do their adventure session in Colorado as well! On that hike – our friendship was definitely solidified. We started the day getting pizza in town, then Haylie and I bonded over picking out the best cookies in Breckenridge for the after hike treat, then on the hike we shared life stories, encouraged each other when the elevation was catching up to us ( we were at like 13,000ft!), had a “we made it to the top of the hike!” shot, and seriously so much laughter and joy! After that adventure together in Colorado, I was so thankful I would be seeing them 2 more times because they also ended up inviting me to capture their full wedding in Indiana as well!

For me, that goes to show how great of a connection we made. Joanna and Haylie are so incredibly intentional in their own relationship, their friendships and love shared within their family – that after being a part of all 3 celebrations, I felt like each experience honored an important part of their story.

From Elopement to Adventure Session to Wedding!

When Joanna first reached out to me to talk about her potential elopement in the PNW, it was a surprise for her partner Haylie. Joanna knew that an intimate elopement would be so true and authentic for their story, but as a couple they also really wanted to have a day to celebrate with their family and friends. So, they decided to do the wedding back in Indiana, but Joanna knew they would both be so excited to also have this private elopement in the PNW.

A couple weeks after booking me, Joanna decided to share the surprise with Haylie so they could dream and brainstorm about this magical day in Olympic National Park together!  What started as a conversation about their PNW elopement, led to J+H flying out to Colorado to meet me for the adventure engagement session, and ultimately, their celebration in Indiana as well! I’m so thankful I got to capture so many beautiful milestones and their Olympic National Park elopement could not have been more perfect!  

Perfect Lake Crescent Winter Elopement

We started their Lake Crescent winter elopement day, waking up to a snowy morning at the cute tiny Airbnb, with hot spiked apple cider. They stayed cozy, cooked breakfast together and continued to feed the neighborhood cat that kept popping by. They helped each other get ready before we set off on our adventure. 

Since we were not anticipating the beautiful blanket of snow, we stopped at an additional spot I had found scouting that morning – that just looked like a winter wonderland!! Then they continued on to the beautiful forests around Lake Crescent where they would share their private vows. And we explored, laughed, danced, cried and finished the day on the coast watching the sunset on such a perfect day celebrating their love out in nature and kicking off their marriage in such a magical way! 

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olympic national park lake crescent
couple snuggles on bed during airbnb intimate wedding
bride in white dress and bride in green suit stand against snowy backdrop
bride twirls in the middle of a street
two brides hug in front of snowy mountains during olympic national park elopement
two brides kiss with foreheads against each other during olympic national park elopement
two brides run through forest during olympic national park portrait
brides walk down dock on lake crescent
two brides embrace in the middle of a forest elopement
bride in suit poses in forest elopement
bride in white dress hugs bride in green suit from behind
two brides stand on shore of lake crescent during elopement
brides snuggle their foreheads against each other during lake crescent elopement
brides press foreheads against each other at sunset with ocean behind them
brides press foreheads against each other at sunset with ocean behind them
brides press foreheads against each other at sunset with ocean behind them

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